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From ‛nduja in the Southern Calabrian dialect (either the Reggino or the Chjàna subdialect) of Sicilian, originally from the French andouille. The standard Italian word for the sausage is salsicciotto.

Some nduja


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nduja (uncountable)

  1. A type of spicy, spreadable salami from Calabria
    • 2009 May 20, Florence Fabricant, “Spreading the Word About Nduja”, New York Times:
      Boccalone, a company in Oakland, Calif., that makes artisanal cured meat, has started producing nduja.
    • 2009 September 2, Kim Severson, “For a Perfectionist Chef, a New Spot and a New Challenge”, New York Times:
      Salumi platters, at $8 a selection, built from the best examples she can find, including a spicy, spreadable salami called nduja.