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From Latin ne- (not) +‎ sciō (I know).



present active nesciō, present infinitive nescīre, perfect active nescīvī, supine nescītum

  1. I cannot, I do not know, I am ignorant, I do not understand.
    • From Pro Caelio (For Marcus Caelius) by Cicero (Latin and English translation may be found here, also English and Latin on Wikisource)
      Quae tu quoniam mente nescio qua effrenata atque praecipiti in forum deferri iudiciumque voluisti, aut diluas oportet ac falsa esse doceas aut nihil neque crimini tuo neque testimonio credendum esse fateare.
      And as for you, since, through some unbridled and headlong fury which I cannot comprehend you have chosen these things to be brought into court, and dilated on at this trial, you must either efface the charges yourself, and show that they are without foundation, or else you must confess that no credit is to be given to any accusations which you may make, or to any evidence which you may give.
    • (Carl von Linné, Critica botanica).
      Nōminanescīs, perit et cognitio rērum.
      If you do not know names, the knowledge of the things is also lost.
    Nōmen nesciō. (N.N.)
    I do not know the name.
    Oculāria tē gerere nesciēbam.
    I didn't know you wore glasses.