no rīta

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no rīta

  1. in the morning
    agri no rīta — early in the morning
    rīt no rīta — tomorrow (in the) morning
    vakar no rīta — yesterday (in the) morning
    deviņos no rīta — at nine (o'clock) in the morning
    no rīta saglabāsies migla; dienā vietām uzlīsin the morning the fog will continue; during the day, it will rain in some places

Usage notes[edit]

Rīt is an adverb, meaning “tomorrow,” whereas rītdiena is a noun, meaning “(the day of) tomorrow.” Rīts, on the other hand, is a noun, meaning “morning.” The corresponding locative rītā can mean both “in the morning” (more frequently: no rīta) and “tomorrow” (more frequently: rīt).



Related terms[edit]