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numb + nuts


numbnuts (plural numbnuts)

  1. (chiefly US, slang, derogatory, sometimes humorous) A slow-witted, unresponsive, or inept person (usually male).
    Tell numbnuts over there to wake up and pay attention to his work.
  2. (US, military, slang, derogatory) A recruit who is unintelligent or difficult to train.
    The drill instructor must have called him "numbnuts" fifty times today.

Usage notes[edit]

"Numbnuts" is most commonly used as a form of address, as in "Hey, numbnuts!" However, the term sometimes has other noun functions, as in "I will defend you from numbnuts such as JamesM" ("The Big Gulp" by David Lansing, LA Times, 20 May 2007).