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obœdience (uncountable)

  1. (rare) Archaic spelling of obedience.
    • 1562–3, Ninian Winzet, St Vincent of Lérins, Certane tractatis for reformatioun of doctryne and maneris in Scotland, reprinted 1835 CE, page 93:
      And zit yai ſpeik and yat be euident ſcriptuirin, of a ſatisfactioun requirit of our obœdience :  as to turn to God in murning, faſting, prayar, and almus deid, with ſiklyke worthy fruitis of pennance, ſa oft inculcat be our Saluiour and ye Apoſtolis of ye Iowis, with ſik dolour and hauines quharof S. Paull ſpeikis, 2. Cor. 7.