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From ohja (rein).



  1. to steer, pilot, navigate, drive a vehicle (car, ship, airplane, etc.)
  2. to direct, guide, conduct, lead, channel a moving object, flowing substance, traffic, etc.
  3. to control, regulate a device, appliance, or system
  4. to show the way, give directions, show to somewhere, usher, direct, guide, lead
  5. to give information to, give instructions to, give directions to, tell someone what to do, counsel, instruct, guide, direct, tutor, mentor, encourage people, patients, employees, students, studies, traffic, etc.
  6. to control, monitor, oversee, govern, steer, regulate, supervise, direct an activity, task, organization, operations (in general and medical operations), government authorities, the enforcement of (and implementation of and compliance with) laws and regulations, etc.
  7. to direct a play, film, etc.

Usage notes[edit]

This verb is often translated as "advise" by Finns although this is almost always incorrect. A consultant advises a customer or a person in a position of authority (where "neuvoa" is used, almost never "ohjata") whereas "ohjata" is used to describe a person in a position of authority telling someone else how to do something or what to do.


Derived terms[edit]