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oikea (right) >


  • IPA(key): [ˈo̞ike̞in]
  • Rhymes: -oikein
  • Hyphenation: oi‧kein


oikein (comparative oikeammin, superlative oikeimmin)

  1. right (both meanings; correctly, correspondingly to the reality and in the morally right way)
    Hän vastasi oikein.
    She answered right.
    Hän teki oikein antaessaan rahat hyväntekeväisyyteen.
    She did the right thing giving the money to charity.
    Anne vastasi oikeammin kuin kukaan muu.
    Anne answered more correctly than anyone else.
    Anne vastasi oikeimmin.
    Anne answered most correctly.
  2. (of a view, opinion) olla oikea to be correct, correspond to the reality
    Hänen vastauksensa oli oikein.
    Her answer was correct.
  3. very, really
    Hän on oikein hyvä.
    He is really good.
  4. properly

Usage notes[edit]

The superlatives oikein and väärin are rarely appropriate, because right and wrong are often understood as absolutes, and because of the homonymy with much more frequently used adverbs. People tend to circumvent them by saying eniten väärä, lähinnä oikeaa and eniten oikea, choosing another adjective if available (e.g. kiero, oikeanpuoleinen, oikeellinen) or using kaikista as determiner.



  • (right: correspondingly to the reality; in the morally right way): väärin
  • (being correct, corresponding to the reality): väärin

Derived terms[edit]



  1. Instructive plural form of oikea.
  2. superlative form of oikea