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pizze pl

  1. (rare) plural form of pizza
    • 1938: Giuseppe Orioli, Adventures of a Bookseller, p321
      …they manufacture the detestable tarts called pizze, very popular in this part of the world.
    • 1957: Armando T. Perretta, Take a Number, p82
      Twice a week his mother baked bread, and twice a week there were pizze fritte for breakfast instead of cocoa and stale bread.
    • 1973: Maria-Antonietta Macciocchi et alii & Partito Comunista Italiano, Letters from Inside the Italian Communist Party to Louis Althusser, p121
      The city seemed like one gigantic fry-shop, with ‘zeppole’, ‘pizze’ and ‘calzoni’ sizzling on every street-corner.
    • 1999: Elizabeth David, Italian Food, p115
      The variety of pizze is immense. The true Roman pizza, for instance, is made with onions and oil, no tomato.
    • 2000: Matthew Evans, Italy: World Food, p2
      The most exquisite pizze are cooked in a forno a legna (woodfired oven).
    • 2004: Anna Del Conte, The Classic Food of Northern Italy, p203
      Umbria is rich in paste, pizze, savoury torte, minestre and polenta dishes.



pizze f

  1. plural form of pizza