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premunire (plural premunires)

  1. The offense under English law of appealing to or obeying a foreign court or authority, thus challenging the supremacy of the Crown.
    • 1724, Johnathan Swift, The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, Volume 9, The Drapier’s Letters 5:
      For I have heard of a judge, who upon the criminal's appeal to the dreadful day of judgment, told him, he had incurred a premunire, for appealing to a foreign jurisdiction; and of another in Wales, who severely checked the prisoner for offering the same plea; [..]
  2. The writ charging this offense.
  3. The penalty for this offense.



pre- (pre-) +‎ munire (to fortify, equip; to man a ship)


premunire (contro)

  1. to protect, fortify (against)

Derived terms[edit]

  • premunirsi (to protect oneself (from); to guard oneself (against); to arm oneself (with))