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puoli (side) +‎ -inen


puoleinen  (comparative puoleisempi, superlative puoleisin)

  1. being on the side of something; used as headword in compound terms and postpositionally with nouns which express location
    Runeberginkadun puoleinen julkisivu
    the facade facing Runeberginkatu
    Oikeanpuoleinen talo on minun.
    The house on the right is mine.
  2. related through one of the parents, or his/her side of the family; used as headword in compound terms
    äidin~ : maternal
    isän~ : paternal
  3. somewhat, a bit, -ish (having a property, but only to a some extent)
    Eikö tuo takki ole ole sinulle suurenpuoleinen?
    Isnt't that jacket a bit large for you?


Usage notes[edit]

The main rule for choosing between -puoleinen' and -puolinen is that the former is used when the modifier is in genitive. Sometimes there are two parallel forms to choose from, e.g. etelänpuoleinen and eteläpuolinen.


Derived terms[edit]