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Alternative forms[edit]


pushback (countable and uncountable, plural pushbacks)

  1. The act of repelling (an enemy, etc).
  2. A procedure in which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from the gate by some external force, usually a special tractor.
  3. Criticism of or resistance to a proposal, stance, or event.
    • March 01 2006, Peter Grier, The Christian Science Monitor, headline of an article
      More pushback from Hill on eavesdropping
    • Sept 28 2006, op-ed article on Bill Clinton, Washington Post:
      Moreover, when Democrats, notably former House minority leader Richard Gephardt, finally put their heads up in the late spring of 2002 to ask questions about that Aug. 6, 2001, memo warning of the possibility of terrorist attacks, the Republican pushback was furious.
  4. (rare, nonstandard) Backlash of any sort.