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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


Proto-Germanic *ragin-. Akin to Old Saxon regin-, Old High German ragin-, regin- compound found in personal names, Icelandic ragn-, rögn-, Icelandic regin "the gods (i.e. rulers)", Old English reġnian, rēnian (to prepare, arrange, order), Gothic raginōn "to rule", ragineis "ruler", ragin "ordinance, counsel", Old English reht (right). More at riht.



  1. very
    regnheard (very hard)
  2. wondrous, wondrously; mighty
    regnweard (mighty guardian)
  3. arch-; downright
    regnþēof (arch-criminal, arch-thief)
  4. solemn
    reġnmeld "a solemn announcement"

Usage notes[edit]

  • Prevalent first element in many Germanic given names (cf. Reginald).