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ride +‎ along

Alternative forms[edit]


ridealong (plural ridealongs)

  1. The act of accompanying, or volunteering with, a police, paramedic, or fireman service unit or other group usually by a student for the duration of the shift for hands-on experience.
    • 1996, Mohamed S. El-Genk (University of New Mexico, Institute for Space and Nuclear Power Studies, United States Defense Nuclear Agency), Space Technology and Applications International Forum, link:
      It is these small payload experiments that could potentially benefit from low cost ridealong opportunities.
    • 2006, Edward J. Glantz (Pennsylvania State University), Challenges supporting cognitive activities in dynamic work, page 46:
      The ridealong probe questions used to initiate the unstructured interviews are listed in Appendix A.
    • 2010, Peter A. Weiss, Personality Assessment in Police Psychology: A 21st Century, page 42:
      But even before the ridealong, a good police psychologist has examined the job description and the job analysis.