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rivalry +‎ -ous


rivalrous (comparative more rivalrous, superlative most rivalrous)

  1. Having a relationship of rivalry
    • 2007 October 12, Stephen Holden, “At New York Film Festival: Upheaval in Iran, Fiasco in Westchester”, New York Times:
      [] Mr. Lumet’s 45th film, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke play rivalrous brothers whose bungled robbery of their parents’ modest jewelry store in Westchester County begins a cycle of quasi-Greek family tragedy without a catharsis.
  2. (economics, of a good) which can be consumed by no more than one person at the same time
    • unknown, Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh, at Johnstown, “Public Goods”, accessed on 2013-12-02:
      Rivalrous goods are those which can be consumed by only one person at the same time -- for example, a candy bar or a suit;

Derived terms[edit]