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  1. (reflexive) to sit; to move oneself into a sitting position
    Sätt dig upp.
    Sit up.
  2. to put or place; to make to stick or adhere to
  3. to set; to put something (in particular, something immovable)
    Du kan sätta skålen på bordet.
    You could put the bowl on the table.
  4. to set or adjust; to choose a setting
    När sommartiden tar slut ska klockan sättas en timme bakåt.
    When daylight savings time ends, the clock should be set one hour back.
  5. to set; to assign work to
    Läraren satte sina elever på att läsa romanen över helgen.
    The teacher set his students to read the novel over the weekend.
  6. to set; to arrange; to prepare a text for printing
  7. to plant certain plants, such as potatoes or onions


Related terms[edit]


  • (set, put ): ställa (in many cases)

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