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  1. (intransitive) To happen, there is/are/was/were/has been/have been/had been, occur, come about, come up.
    Maantiellä sattui onnettomuus.
    An accident happened on the highway.
  2. (intransitive) To happen (to do = active 3rd infinitive in illative, -maan/-mään; in conditional mood in a jos clause with or without vaikka) should.
    Hän vain sattuu olemaan sinua parempi.
    He just happens to be better than you.
    Jos (vaikka) sattuisi satamaan, ota sateenvarjo mukaan.
    Should it rain, take your umbrella with you.
  3. (intransitive, rare) To hit, strike (+ illative).
    Mihin se sattui?
    Where did it strike?
  4. (intransitive) (monopersonally; 3rd-pers. sg.) To hurt (with the subject it; where = illative; physically or mentally), be sore.
    Mihin sattuu?
    Where does it hurt?
    Minun jalkoihini sattuu.
    My legs are sore.
    Minuun sattui, kun sanoit noin.
    It hurt me when you said that.



  • (to happen, occur): tapahtua
  • (to hit, strike): osua
  • (to hurt): koskea (3rd pers. sg. + illative), aristaa (3rd-pers. sg. + partitive), satuttaa (3rd pers. sg. + partitive)

Derived terms[edit]