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scroll +‎ text


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scrolltext (countable and uncountable, plural scrolltexts)

  1. (demoscene) Text displayed in an animated scrolling message, common in early demos.
    • 1992, "Mats Anders Knip", Phenomena egos?? (on Internet newsgroup alt.sys.amiga.demos)
      His music is as mainstream as it could ever be (listen to Bruno - now that's a musician!) and his poor ego really shone through in the scrolltexts in "crystal sym.".
    • 1994, "PB_email", PB Online <106> (on Internet newsgroup alt.cyberpunk.movement)
      For scrolltexts, real classic to start with is "Why didn't you greet us then?", which you can always follow up with "Are you lot too good to be seen greeting us?".