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From Middle English scrutiny, possibly from Medieval Latin scrūtinium (a search, an inquiry), from Vulgar Latin scrūtārī (to search or examine thoroughly), of uncertain origin; possibly from Late Latin scrūta (rubbish, broken trash). Or of Germanic origin, related to Old English scrūtnung (examination, investigation, inquiry, search), from Old English scrūtnian, scrūdnian (to examine carefully, scrutinize, consider, investigate), from Proto-Germanic *skrudōną, *skruþōną (to search, examine), from Proto-Germanic *skrud-, *skruþ- (to cut), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kreut- (to cut). Compare Old High German skrodōn, scrutōn, scrutilōn (to research, explore), Old High German scrod (a search, scrutiny), Gothic [script needed] (andhruskan, to investigate, explore), Old English scrēadian (to shred, cut up, cut off, peel, pare, prune). More at shred.


  • enPR: ˈskro͞otn-ē


scrutny (plural scrutnies)

  1. Alternative spelling of scrutiny Intense study of someone or something; a thoro inspection of a situation or a case.
    • 1841, Christopher Gustavus Memminger, Mr. Memminger's Opinion[1], edition Digitized, AE Miller, published 2010, page 4:
      … and they call upon the Banks to choose between the alternatives of voluntarily doing right, or of subjecting the past to judicial scrutny and sentence.
    • 1964, US Congress, Medical Care for the Aged[2], edition Digitized, US Govt Print Off, published 2010, page 2022:
      Most people find it humiliating to undergo a scrutny of their personal affairs
    • 1967, Clair Wayne Keller, Pennsylvania government 1701-1740[3], edition Digitized, Univ of Washington, published 2011, page 153:
      The Assembly, however, believed that the care in its handling, of paper money could stand the "scrutny" that shall "be made into this affair.
    • 1979, Steven J. Brams, A. Schotter, Gerhard Schwödiaue, Applied Game Theory[4], Physica-Verlag, ISBN 9783790802085, page 353:
      In a democracy public agencies should be subject to the understanding scrutny of the citizen body to the maximum possible extent.
    • 1979, US Congress, The Food and Drug Administration's Process for Approving New Drugs[5], US Govt Print Off, page 325:
      … the closest kind of scrutny by FDA ...
    • 1989, Govt of Gujarat, Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration[6], edition Digitized, Sardar Patel Institute, published 2008:
      and continual self-scrutny of strategies
    • 2008, Rudo Moyo, The Blind Child: Experiences Public Life[7], 37, AuthorHouse, ISBN 9781434353801, page 164:
      Reports were first submitted to the committees and after serious scrutny, judgements were then made.