sea puss

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Etymology 1[edit]

From Quiripi (Unquachog) seépus (river), cognate to Abenaki sibo (river), sibos (brook, little river).

Alternative forms[edit]


sea puss (plural sea pusses)

  1. A dangerous seaward current:
    1. A strong seaward current, a riptide or undertow, especially as results when a sandbar formed by waves suddenly gives way, and which is dangerous to swimmers.
    2. A dangerous longshore current; a rip current caused by return flow.[1]
  2. A channel through which a seaward current flows:
    1. The (flowing) channel which results when a cut is deliberately made by humans in a barrier beach which separates a bay from an ocean, so as to control the water level in the bay (which affects water mills) and its salinity (which affects shellfish).
    2. The submerged channel or inlet through a bar caused (naturally) by a longshore rip current.[1]
Usage notes[edit]

The spellings sea puss, seapoose and sea-purse (and variants of them) are most often used when the word has sense "dangerous current". When the word has the sense "deliberately-cut channel which affects water level", the spelling sepoose is common.

Etymology 2[edit]


sea puss (plural sea pusses)

  1. Alternative form of sea-purse


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