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A Sumatran, or mainland, serow (Capricornis sumatraensis)
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From Lepcha [script needed] (să-ro, long-haired Tibetan goat) [script needed]



serow (plural serows)

  1. Any of several species of Asian ungulates of the genus Capricornis.
    • 1999, Jan Dodd, Simon Richmond, The Rough Guide to Japan, page 265,
      The peninsula is home to an estimated four hundred macaques, the world's most northerly colony of wild monkeys, and a growing population of red-haired, goat-like serow, both of which are a protected species.
    • 2002, Maurice Burton, Robert Burton, International Wildlife Encyclopedia, page 2323,
      The serow differs in being larger, at least 32 inches (81 cm) tall, whereas gorals are never more than 28 inches (71 cm). Serows are also distinguished in having small face glands that give out a duikerlike odor.
    • 2011, John P. Rafferty (editor), Grazers, page 147,
      Where official protection is accorded, it is usually on paper only, as the serow is hunted for meat and its body parts, which are used in local medicine. (For example, it is believed that the broth obtained by boiling a serow head is a remedy for arthritis.)

Usage notes[edit]

The serows have previously been classified within the genus Naemorhedus, which is now reserved for the (closely related) gorals.

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  1. genitive plural of sera