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1955 British shilling coin


Etymology 1[edit]

Old English scilling, Proto-Germanic *skillingaz


shilling (plural shillings)

  1. A coin formerly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Australia, New Zealand and many other Commonwealth countries.
    The shilling was worth twelve old pence, or one twentieth of a pound sterling.
  2. The currency of Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda.
  3. (US, historical) A currency in the United States, differing in value between states.
  4. (US, historical, New York and some other states) The Spanish real, formerly having the value of one eighth of a dollar.
Usage notes[edit]

In East Africa, the names of the currencies usually use the proper noun for the country, not its adjectival form: "Kenya shilling", "Tanzania shilling", etc. Amounts are written with a solidus, probably from the UK usage: "2/50" is 2 shillings, 50 cents (not pence); 30 shillings only is written "30/=".

  • (Britain, Ireland, Australia, East Africa): bob, hog
  • (Australia): deener
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Etymology 2[edit]

From shill.



  1. Present participle of shill.