shucky ducky

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Coined by comedian Cecil "Shuckey Duckey" Armstrong.


shucky ducky

  1. (slang) Phrase indicating disappointment or excitement.
    • 2003 August 1, Suzette D. Harrison, When Perfect Ain't Possible, Washington, DC: BET Publications, ISBN 9781583142578, OL 3382205M, page 90:
      "Aww, shucky ducky quack-quack," Imani crooned, turning to exchange a high-five with me.
    • 2008 September 1, Jacqueline F. Wheelock, “Blue's Holiday”, in Charline R. McCord, Judy H. Tucker editors, Christmas Stories from the South's Best Writers, Gretna: Pelican, ISBN 9781589806009, OL 16681400M, page 119:
      Aw shucky ducky, now! Look at chu!
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see the citations page.

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