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Etymology 1[edit]

From situation + comedy; situation comedy.


sitcom (plural sitcoms)

  1. A situation comedy: an episodic comedy television program with a plot or storyline based around a particular humorous situation.

Etymology 2[edit]

Acronym [please replace this header][edit]

sitcom or SITCOM

  1. Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive or Outrageous Mortgage
    • 1992, Earl G. Hunt, Jr., Recovering the Sacred: Papers From the Sanctuary and the Academy, Jonathan Creek Press, ISBN 0963130803, page 254:
      "Today we have Grumps (grim, ruthless, upwardly mobile professionals), Dinks (those with dual-income, no kids), Sitcoms (those with single-income, two children, outrageous mortgages); and, just to recognize the graying populace in this country, Opals (older people with active lifestyles)."
    • 1993, Daniel Moreau, Kiplinger's Facing Forty: How to Deal Successfully with the Changes in Your Life, Kiplinger Books, ISBN 0938721240, page 7:
      "There are MINKs (multiple income, no kids) and what may be the acronym of the '90s, SITCOMs (single income, two children, outrageous mortgage)."
    • 2003, Judith Sealander, The Failed Century of the Child: Governing America's Young in the Twentieth Century, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521535689, page 12:
      "By the end of the 1990s, in some circles, parents had become SITCOMS (single income, two children, oppressive mortgage) and those without children were THINKERS (two healthy incomes, no kids, early retirement)."





sitcom f (invariable)

  1. sitcom (situation-comedy)



sitcom m (plural sitcoms)

  1. sitcom; situation comedy