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Blend of skin and intern.


skintern (plural skinterns)

  1. (US, slang) An intern, often female, who wears very revealing clothing in an office setting where more conservative attire is common.
    • 2006, "Showing off a bit of skin", The Washington Times, 5 July 2006:
      They’re known as “skinterns.” Those who think “belly shirts” are career wear. If the devil wears Prada, the skinterns wear nada.
    • 2009, Shayna Murphy, "Scantily-clad interns give working girls a bad name", The Daily Collegian (University of Massachusetts Amherst), 28 September 2009:
      Though “skinterns” do provide ample entertainment and a welcome distraction for many young staffers, the situation actually points to a disturbing reality lurking behind the heavy gilded doors of the Capitol: by appearing scantily-clad in their attire, women self-designate themselves into inferior roles and open themselves up to objectification.
    • 2010, Annie Werner, "Where the 'Skinterns' Should Work", Village Voice, 15 July 2010:
      Meanwhile, the barely there selection of a skintern might actually cause potential donors on the street to take a second look, and, possibly even open their wallets -- just hopefully not in expectation of sexual favors.
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