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Slimnīcas palāta

Alternative forms[edit]


From slims (sick, ill) +‎ -nīca. A neologism coined in the 1870s by K. Valdemārs, or by F. Brīvzemneiks, initially in the form slimnīce. The modern form slimnīca appeared already in the following decade. It replaced older expressions like sērgīgu viets, gaudeņu nams, neveselu nams, slimnieku nams, slimnieku māja, and others.[1]


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slimnīca f (4th declension)

  1. hospital (medical institution for in-patient treatment)
    pilsēta slimnīca — city hospital
    rajona slimnīca — district hospital
    bērnu slimnīca — children's hospital
    klīniskā slimnīca — clinic hospital
    slimnīcas palātashospital rooms
    slimnīcas nodaļashospital departments
    psihiatriskā slimnīca — psychiatric hospital
    nosūtīt uz slimnīcu — to send to hospital
    (no)gulēt, ārstēties slimnīcā — to sleep, to receive treatment in hospital
    pagulēt slimnīca — to stay a short time in hospital
    izrakstīt no slimnīcas — to discharge from hospital


Related terms[edit]


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