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Alternative forms[edit]


From sponge +‎ -worthy. Coined in "The Sponge", an episode of Seinfeld that first aired in December 1995, to indicate a man who is worth using one of a limited supply of contraceptive sponges on.


spongeworthy (comparative more spongeworthy, superlative most spongeworthy)

  1. Highly sexually desirable.
    • 1995 December 7, “The Sponge”, Seinfeld episode:
      ELAINE: So, you think you're spongeworthy? BILLY: Yes, I think I'm spongeworthy. I think I'm very spongeworthy.
    • 2002 December 15, “Readers trash skanky Barbie”, page Q8:
      The ultimate question: Is Ken "spongeworthy"?
    • 2005, Donna Barstow, Love Me or Go To Hell, ISBN 0740756982, page 73:
      I don't know if he's spongeworthy yet, but I do heart him!

Derived terms[edit]