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A doctor, straddled by a skeleton, holds a full purse in his hands; signifying that he lives well off others' deaths



straddle (third-person singular simple present straddles, present participle straddling, simple past and past participle straddled)

  1. To sit or stand with a leg on each side of something.
    • 1749, John Cleland, Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, Part 2
      But guess my surprise, when I saw the lazy young rogue lie down on his back, and gently pull down Polly upon him, who giving way to his humour, straddled, and with her hands conducted her blind favourite to the right place
    • 1853, Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Minotaur
      As they approached the entrance of the port, the giant straddled clear across it, with a foot firmly planted on each headland,
    • 1978, Jimmy Carter, Proclamation 4627
      The mountain-ringed Yukon Flats basin straddles the Arctic Circle and is bisected by the Yukon River.
  2. To form a disorderly sprawl.
  3. (military) To fire successive artillery shots in front of and behind of a target, especially in order to determine its range.
  4. (poker) To place a voluntary raise prior to receiving cards (only by the first player after the blinds).
  5. (intransitive) To stand with the ends staggered; said of the spokes of a wagon wheel where they join the hub.



straddle (plural straddles)

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  1. a posture in which one straddles something
  2. (finance) an investment strategy involving trade in derivatives
  3. (poker) A voluntary raise made prior to receiving cards by the first player after the blinds.