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stun gun (plural stun guns)

  1. A weapon intended to immobilize, usually through delivery of an electric shock.
    • 1946 November, Mark Champion, “Unforeseen”, Astounding Science Fiction, volume 38, number 3, page 42: 
      Lodner tossed the stun gun on a flange between the stills and the fluxing panels.
    • 1978 January, “The Offical Moonbase Alpha Technical Notebook (advert)”, Starlog, volume 2, number 11, page 9: 
      The removable pages are organized in strict military fashion and include complete data on the Commlock, Stun Gun, Laser Cannon, Communications Post, Uniforms, and several fold-out blueprints of the various levels and areas of Moonbase Alpha.
    • 2014 8 March, “Manchester police seize stun gun disguised as iPhone”, BBC News:
      A stun gun disguised as a mobile phone has been seized from a 14-year-old boy in Manchester.


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