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Alternative forms[edit]


Homonyms: summit (in some dialects)


Alteration of somewhat



  1. (UK, regional) Something.
    • 1773: John Byrom, Miscellaneous Poems, p. 164
      Is it not ſent to make a Mon to ſwear
      Summot abaoot the King, and his reet Heir?
    • 1790: Ann Wheeler, The Westmorland Dialect, with the Adjacency of Lancashire & Yorkshire, in Four Familiar Dialogues, p. 59 (1821 edition)
      naw yaurs may git while they er young, an seaav sumet agayn they er aud.
    • 1805: R. Anderson, Ballads in the Cumberland Dialect, p. 105
      The langer they gaze, still the mair they may wonder,
      And aye, as they wonder, may fin summet new.
    • 1808: Sketches of Character, or Specimens of Real Life, vol. 2, p. 130
      I was going to mentoin summut by way of proof poz
    • 1809: Theodore Hook, "Killing No Murder", in The Sporting Magazine, vol. 34, no. 202, p. 185
      every gentleman tips us summat, we looks for it as natural as possible.
    • 1813: Patience and Perserverance; or, the Modern Griselda, vol. 1, p. 60
      besides, he az been always doing zummut for her ever zince her feather died—zo he as.
    • 1825: James Jennings, Observations on Some of the Dialects in the West of England, Particularly Somersetshire, p. 119
      A thawt, an if a war alive,
      That zummet war tha matter.
    • 1826: "First Love", in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, vol. 20, no. 115, p. 158
      Thee musn’t lumber the room, if thee’l not drink zummat.
    • 1839: John Russel Smith, Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects: Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by Various Writers in the Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects, p. 35
      I laaid me dawn on a breaad scar an sean fel asleep, tul sumet weaakend me varra caad omme feace.
    • 1839: Benson Earle Hill, Home Service; or, Scenes and Characters from Life, vol. 1, p. 282
      If I could a lugged back the oss, that mought a bin wuth zumat.
    • 1841: Charles Selby, Maximums & Speciments of William Muggins, Natural Philosopher and Citizen of the World, p. 313 (1859 edition)
      Salem aleicum,’ says she; which means, How do you do, or sumat hequivalent to it.
    • 1849: William Harrison Ainsworth, The Lancashire Witches, vol. 1, p. 117
      And yet it may mean summot
    • 1947: Thomas Armstrong, King Cotton, p. 53
      Does he think I’ve been soaping up to the Governor or summat?
    • 2006: Robin Jarvis, Thomas, p. 20
      Why go all the way to find summat that ain’t there?
    • 2009: Aaron Chynn, Memoirs of an Ordinary Man
      I said to the barman “Tha mun avail thissen o summat anorl”




  1. plural form of summa