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suuri (big, large, great) > suuruus (size, magnitude) +‎ -inen; "being of the size (of)"


suuruinen  (not comparable)

  1. of the amount, order or magnitude
    Minkä suuruinen lukukausimaksu Harvardissa on?
    Kuinka suuri on Harvardin lukukausimaksu?
    How much is the tuition in Harvard?
    Maanjäristys oli 2,3 richterin suuruinen.
    The earthquake was of magnitude 2,3 on Richter's scale.


Usage notes[edit]

  1. Always used with a preceding attribute or interrogative pronoun in genitive.
  2. This word is close in meaning to kokoinen, but kokoinen is used principally of objects whereas suuruinen is used of quantities.

Related terms[edit]