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From Technicolor.



technicolor (not comparable)

  1. Extremely or excessively colourful
    • 2007 May 2, “Letters”, New York Times:
      It's so hard to be a technicolor girl in an earth-tone world.
    • 2007 November 18, Jim Holt, “Mind of a Rock”, New York Times:
      How could the electrochemical processes in the lump of gray matter that is our brain give rise to or, even more mysteriously, be the dazzling technicolor play of consciousness, with its transports of joy, its stabs of anguish and its stretches of mild contentment alternating with boredom?
  2. (physics) Describing something in a technicolor model, a model that is similar to the Standard model but lacks a scalar Higgs field.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Some use the British English spelling of colour to give technicolour, but this might be considered incorrect as the word comes from a trademark spelt without the "u".
  • Perhaps the most common use of this word is in the title of the popular musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

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