thermal conductance

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thermal conductance (plural thermal conductances)

  1. (physics) A measure of the ability of a particular body or assembly to conduct heat.

Usage notes[edit]

The heat (thermal energy) flow Pth through a given body depends on the thermal conductance Cth of that body, and the temperature difference ΔT over it, and follows the formula:

P{_t}{_h} = C{_t}{_h} \times \Delta T

Thus, the higher the conductance, the higher the heat flow. The unit of thermal conductance in SI system of units is W·K−1. For the special case of an ideal plate with area A, thickness d and thermal conductivity λ, the thermal conductance of the plate is:

C{_t}{_h} = \lambda \  \frac{A}{d}

The multiplicative inverse of thermal conductance is thermal resistance, denoted as Rth.

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