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ticking (plural tickings)

  1. A strong cotton or linen fabric used to cover pillows and mattresses.
    • 1897, Kipling, Captains Courageous, chapter 1
      Harvey saw with disgust that there were no sheets on his bed-place. He was lying on a piece of dingy ticking full of lumps and nubbles.
  2. A sound of something ticking.
    • Laman Blanchard, The Frolics of Time
      Were they indeed the tickings of a hundred clocks — the fine low inward breathings of Time's children!
  3. An illusional style of dance where one moves his or her body to the "tic" of the music creating a strobe or animated effect.
  4. A marking that occurs on some horses. It involves white flecks of hair at the flank, and white hairs at the base of the tail, called a skunk tail or rabicano. Sometimes referred to as birdcatcher ticks.

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  1. Present participle of tick.