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Scottish Gaelic[edit]


From Old Irish teilcim



tilg (past thilg, future tilgidh, verbal noun tilgeil or tilgeadh, past participle tilgthe)

  1. throw, cast, fling, throw off
    Na tilg clachan! ― Don't throw stones!
    Thilg an t-each mi. ― The horse threw me off.
  2. shed, moult
  3. shoot, fire (from a gun, etc.)
    Thilg e an duine. ― He shot the man.
  4. vomit
    Thilg e a dheoch. ― He vomited his drink.
  5. produce, yield, bring forth
    Thilg i searrach. ― She cast a foal.
    gach craobh a thilgeas meas ― every tree that yields fruit
  6. cast (molten metal, etc.)

Derived terms[edit]