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From tipisks (typical) +‎ -ums (with tipisks from tips (type) +‎ -isks).


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tipiskums m (1st declension)

  1. typicalness, typicality (the quality of that which is typical)
    tas, ka mēs šodien, laikam varam sacīt: “viņas vietā tikpat labi varētu būt arī cita izcila strādniece”, nemazina viņas veikuma nozīmi, bet, gluži otrādi, apliecina jau zināmu tipiskumu — the fact that we now maybe can say: “in her place could well be another excellent worker” does not diminsh the importance of her performance; quite the ocntrary, it confirms an already known typicality
    tēlu tipiskums visspilgtāk izpaužas reālistiskajā mākslā — the typicality (i.e., type-orientedness) of the image is most clearly expressed in realitic art


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