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From Old Portuguese traballo (pain, effort, labor), from Vulgar Latin *tripalium (a torture instrument), from tres (three) + pālus.

Compare Spanish trabajo, Catalan treball, Occitan trabalh, French travail.



trabalho m (plural trabalhos)

  1. job (economic role for which a person is paid)
    Sou lenhador, cortar árvores é o meu trabalho.
    I’m a lumberjack, felling trees is my job.
    Tenho dois trabalhos para sustentar minha família.
    I have two jobs to support my family.
  2. job; task (piece of work done as part of one’s duties)
    Tenho um trabalho para ti: vigiar as crianças enquanto vou ao mercado.
    I have a job for you: watching the children while I go to the market.
  3. (uncountable) work; toil; labour; effort
    Preguiçosos não gostam de trabalho.
    Lazy people don’t like work.
  4. workplace (place where someone works)
    No meu trabalho temos cadeiras que giram.
    At my workplace we have spinning chairs.
  5. (figuratively) difficulty in completing a task
    Foi um trabalho zerar este jogo.
    Beating this game was a lot of effort.
  6. (Brazil) homework involving research
    Preciso escrever um trabalho sobre a idade do ferro.
    I need to write a research about the Iron Age.


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