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Wikipedia  >Etymology[edit]

From Latin transversalis.


transversal (comparative more transversal, superlative most transversal)

  1. Running or lying across; transverse; as, a transversal line.


transversal (plural transversals)

  1. A line which traverses or intersects any system of other lines transversely.
  2. (mathematics) A set containing one member from each of a collection of disjoint sets.


 >Related terms[edit]

 >French[edit]  >Etymology[edit]

From Latin transversalis.


transversal m (feminine transversale, masculine plural transversaux, feminine plural transversales)

  1. transversal

 >External links[edit]

 >Galician[edit]  >Adjective[edit]

transversal m, f (plural transversais)

  1. transverse


transversal f (plural transversais)

  1. (geometry) a transversal

 >Portuguese[edit]  >Adjective[edit]

transversal m, f (plural transversais, comparable)

  1. transversal (running or lying across)



transversal f (plural transversais)

  1. a transversal line

 >Spanish[edit]  >Alternative forms[edit]


transversal m, f (plural transversales)

  1. transversal



transversal f (plural transversales)

  1. transversal