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From two +‎ -th. Compare Dutch tweede (second), German zweite (second).


twoth (not comparable)

  1. (nonstandard) second, in ordinal numbers higher than "twentieth"
    • 1872, “Reminiscences of the Army”, The Cape monthly magazine, volume 5, page 302: 
      The colonel would then shout, "Twoty-twoth, form quarter distance column on the grenadier company."
    • 1905, Joseph Wright, The English dialect grammar, page 269:
      In Dev. twoth is used for second, as the twenty-twoth of April.
    • 1905, Annie Hamilton Donnell, “The Hundred and Oneth”, in Rebecca Marry[1], edition Reprint, Fiction, Project Gutenberg, published 2009:
      The hundred-and-oneth stitch was my stent, and it's done. I'm not ever going to take the hundred and twoth. I've decided.
    • 1995, Christian Lükemeyer; Tobias G. Noll, “An Optimized Coefficient Update Processor for High-Throughput Adaptive Equalizers”, CiteSeerX, Penn. State University, page PDF 2: 
      The computation of êk*xk-j is reduced to a controlled twoth complementer at the expense of a reduced adaptation speed.
    • 2009, Alan Black, Steel Walls and Dirt Drops[2], SciFi, Trafford Publishing, ISBN 9781426914836, page 13:
      Donnellson snorted to himself thinking of the las Third Level Commander that the old ninty-twoth had endured.