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From Middle Irish fuindeóc (compare Irish fuinneog, Scottish Gaelic uinneag), from Old Norse vindauga (wind's eye).



uinnag f (genitive uinnag, plural uinnagyn)

  1. window
    • Cha row uinnag slane 'sy thie.
      • There wasn't an entire window in the house.
    • Foshleeym yn uinnag?
      • Shall I open the window?
    • Haink eh stiagh er yn uinnag.
      • He came through the window.
    • Ta'n uinnag jeeaghyn lesh y twoaie.
      • The window faces north.
    • Ta'n uinnag sollys ayns y sheear.
      • The window is bright in the west.
    • Va'n uinnag kiart er ve brisht ec y gheay.
      • The window had just been broken by the wind.

Derived terms[edit]