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ultra- +‎ short


ultrashort (not comparable)

  1. Very short.
    ultrashort skirts
  2. (sciences) Extremely short in duration, typically on the femtosecond scale
    an ultrashort pulse
  3. (physics, of a wave) Having a wavelength of between 1 and 10 metree
  4. (finance) Having a very short term of investment, typically less than a year
    an ultrashort bond


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ultrashort (plural ultrashorts)

  1. (finance) A bond with an extremely short term, typically less than a year
    • 1995 February 19, Carole Gould, “Mutual Funds: Ultrashort but Long on Choices”:
      Ultrashorts were a way for the fund industry to appeal to bank customers, by offering an investment whose price did not vary much but whose yield was higher than that on certificates of deposit.