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vant (third-person singular simple present vants, present participle vanting, simple past and past participle vanted)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of want.
    • 1890, John Habberton, All He Knew[1]:
      "Come, now, deacon," said the shopkeeper, abruptly dropping the cat, "you can turn up your nose at my ideas all you vant, but you mustn't turn it up at my shurch.
    • 1922, Various, Best Short Stories[2]:
      "Ay vant to get married," blushed Pete, who is by way of being a Scandinavian.
    • 1992 January 17, Jonathan Rosenbaum, “Sex and Drugs and Death and Writing”, Chicago Reader:
      His boss, A.J. Cohen, is livid: "You vant I should spit right in your face!?

Norwegian Bokmål[edit]



  1. simple past of vinne



vant n

  1. (nautical) shroud: a rope or cable serving to support the mast sideways