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Shortening of adventure.



venture (plural ventures)

  1. A risky or daring undertaking or journey.
    • 1881, Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island. Chapter 4.
      My heart was beating finely when we two set forth in the cold night upon this dangerous venture.
  2. An event that is not, or cannot be, foreseen; an accident; chance; contingency.
    (Can we find and add a quotation of Francis Bacon to this entry?)
  3. The thing risked; a stake; especially, something sent to sea in trade.
    • Shakespeare
      My ventures are not in one bottom trusted.



venture (third-person singular simple present ventures, present participle venturing, simple past and past participle ventured)

  1. (transitive) To undertake a risky or daring journey.
    • J. Dryden, Jr.
      who freights a ship to venture on the seas
  2. (transitive) To risk or offer.
    to venture funds
    to venture a guess
    • Shakespeare
      I am afraid; and yet I'll venture it.
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses Chapter 13
      Till then they had only exchanged glances of the most casual but now under the brim of her new hat she ventured a look at him and the face that met her gaze there in the twilight, wan and strangely drawn, seemed to her the saddest she had ever seen.
  3. (intransitive) to dare to engage in; to attempt without any certainty of success. Used with at or on
  4. (transitive) To put or send on a venture or chance.
    to venture a horse to the West Indies
  5. (transitive) To confide in; to rely on; to trust.
    • Addison
      A man would be well enough pleased to buy silks of one whom he would not venture to feel his pulse.


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venture f

  1. feminine plural of venturo


venture f

  1. plural form of ventura




  1. vocative masculine singular of ventūrus