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From viens (one) +‎ -nieks.


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vieninieks m (1st declension)

  1. one, the number one (digit or figure)
    saskaitīt vieniniekus — to count, add the ones (last digit of numbers that one is adding)
  2. one (F, very unsatisfactory, the lowest school grade)
    skolotājs iegrieza žurnālā vieninieku — the teacher entered a one (= fail grade) into the (class) report
  3. one (person, animal) that is alone, never with others
    vajadzēja zagļiem atrast kādu viennieku, individuālistu — the thiefs needed to find some solitary one, some individualist (as their victim)
    vieninieku kamera — a (prison) cell for one person; solitary confinement
  4. one sportsman who is a team by himself (e.g., in rowing; a single
    smaiļošanā startēja tikai vieninieki — only singles participated in (the) rowing (competition)


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