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  1. The digit five
  2. Something that can be identified with the number 5; e.g. a number five tram, or the player nr. 5 in a football team. When used as modifier in compound terms contracts to viitos-.
    Kokkonen juoksee viitosradalla.
    Kokkonen runs on track number five.
    Viitonen kulkee vain aamulla ja iltapäivällä.
    (The tram/bus number) five only runs in the morning and in the afternoon.
  3. Something that is valued as five units of something, such as a five-euro bill, five of spades, a five in a game of dice.
    Voitko lainata minulle viitosen?
    Can you lend me a five?
    Valttiviitonen kaataa herttaässän.
    A five of trumps beats the ace of hearts,


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