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  • Hyphenation: vi‧rit‧tää
  • IPA(key): /ˈʋiritˑtæː/


virittää (transitive)

  1. to tune (to modify a musical instrument so that it produces the correct pitches)
  2. to tune (to adjust a mechanical, electric or electronic device so that it functions optimally)
  3. to tune (to make more precise, intense, or effective)
  4. to voice (to tune the pipes of an organ)
  5. to tune in (to adjust the frequency of a receiver to match with that of a specific television or radio station)
  6. to set, arm, activate (of a trap or similar, to make ready for action)
  7. ~ tuli: to light (to light a fire)
  8. to jury-rig (to create a makeshift, ad hoc solution from resources at hand)



  • (to adjust a device): säätää
  • (to tune in): valita (in modern devices the frequency is often adjusted automatically, the user merely "chooses")
  • (to light): sytyttää

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