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Respelling of youth to correspond with a nonstandard pronunciation; th-fronting, in particular.


yoof (countable and uncountable, plural yoofs)

  1. (British slang) Youth (young person, young people or the state of being young).
  2. (used as a modifier before a noun) Of or relating to youth or youths.
  3. (used as a modifier before a noun) Intended for youths.


  • (young people): 1992 Slash'n'sideburn pop is what you get when Manc yoof grows up angry and facially bristling. — New Musical Express, London: Holborn Publishing Group
  • (of or relating to youth or youths): 1992 As for the yoof question, yes, there was an attempt to inject a certain spring into Mr Punch's aged step. — Punch, London: Punch Publications Ltd
  • (intended for youths): 1992 And London clubzine Chortler's Inc has featured a cartoon strip with a bumbling yoof TV presenter, again called Nobski. — The Face, London: Nick Logan