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  • (Received Pronunciation) IPA(No language code specified.): /bɔːn/
  • (US) IPA(No language code specified.): /boʊɹn/, /bɔːɹn/
  • (file)
    • Note that born is never pronounced /boʊɹn/ (only /bɔːɹn/) even when borne is.
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borne (not comparable)

  1. carried, supported.
    • 1901 - Joseph Conrad, Falk: A Reminiscence
      In the last rays of the setting sun, you could pick out far away down the reach his beard borne high up on the white structure, foaming up stream to anchor for the night.
    • 1881: Oscar Wilde, "Rome Unvisited", Poems, page 44
      When, bright with purple and with gold,
      Come priest and holy cardinal,
      And borne above the heads of all
      The gentle Shepherd of the Fold.
    • c.2000 - David Irving v. Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt, II
      Irving is further required, as a matter of practice, to spell out what he contends are the specific defamatory meanings borne by those passages.




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    • '1907, Harold Bindloss, chapter 21, in The Dust of Conflict[1]:
      “Can't you understand that love without confidence is a worthless thing—and that had you trusted me I would have borne any obloquy with you. []





Late Latin bodina, butina, from Transalpine Gaulish.



borne f (plural bornes)

  1. A bollard such as those used to restrict automobiles off a pedestrian area.
  2. A territorial boundary marker.
  3. A territorial or geographical border.
  4. A milestone such as those alongside a roadway.
  5. Template:slang A kilometre.
  6. mark
    dépasser les bornes
    cross the mark

Derived terms



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  1. boundary stone