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See also: ud, UD, úd, üd, ǖd, and Ud.


Etymology 1[edit]


'ud (plural 'uds)

  1. Alternative form of oud (stringed instrument)

Etymology 2[edit]




  1. (dialectal) Nonstandard spelling of would.
    • 1859, Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities:
      Well, that ‘ud be imposing, too, on Tellson’s. For you cannot sarse the goose and not the gander.
    • 1902, Clarence Louis Cullen, More Ex-Tank Tales (page 32)
      [] and figuring on where the engraved papers were going to come from that 'ud enable me to yank one of the bennies out of the eaves. Nobody ever saw me without an overcoat, and the right kind of an overcoat, []