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From Arabic اَلْكُحْل(al-kuḥl, kohl), via Spanish or Medieval Latin.



álcool m (plural alcoóis or álcoois)

  1. (organic chemistry) alcohol (any of a class of organic compounds containing a hydroxyl functional group)
    Etanol e metanol são álcoois.
    Ethanol and methanol are alcohols.
  2. (uncountable, in everyday usage specifically) alcohol; ethanol
    Passe álcool na pele.
    Rub alcohol on your skin.
    Meu carro é a álcool.
    My car runs on ethanol.
    Synonym: etanol
  3. (uncountable, by extension) alcohol (beverages containing alcohol)
    O álcool destruiu a vida dele.
    Alcohol has destroyed his life.
    Synonyms: bebidas alcoólicas, bebida, cachaça (colloquial)

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