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  • IPA(key): /e.kʁu/
  • (file)

Etymology 1[edit]

Masculinized form from Middle French escroue, from Old French escroe, from Latin scrōfa, originally sow (female pig);[1] compare Occitan escrofa (screw nut), Sicilian scrufina (screw nut). The change in meaning is also found in Spanish puerca, Portuguese porca, both sow; screw nut, and is based on the fact that a boar's penis has a screw-like tip, making the sow's vulva equivalent to a screw nut by analogy.


écrou m (plural écrous)

  1. nut (that fits on a bolt), female screw

Etymology 2[edit]

Inherited from Middle French escrou (scrap, strip of parchment, scroll), from Old French escroe, from Old Dutch *skrōda (end, flap) (compare Middle Dutch scrōde), from Proto-Germanic *skrudaz, derivative of Proto-Germanic *skrudaną (compare Dutch schrooien (to shred)). Cognate with English escrow, scroll.


écrou m (plural écrous)

  1. a prison register, prison admission form
Derived terms[edit]


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